Local Pick-up:

Please send me an email or message on instagram if you want to pick up locally! My website has an option for pick up now, but if you'd like to avoid the website fee, you can pay another way.


Shipping times will vary depending on the piece. I generally try to go to the post office at least every other day, but at the bare minimum once a week. 

Custom orders or pre orders will depend on when a piece is finished and this will be discussed at the time of purchase or stated in the listing.

I recycle boxes and padding/bubble wrap as much as possible. You may receive your order in an Amazon box or something similar. 

International Shipping:

If you are outside the US and would like to place an order, send an email or message me through instagram. I'm not very familiar with how much international shipping costs for each country, so I prefer to look it up based on the individual address and weight of the box instead of including it on my website. I will ship to you as long as it is legal to do so. Know your local laws!


I do not accept returns or exchanges. I am not liable if an item is damaged or delayed in transit. If you would like to add additional insurance to a package, send me an email and I can accommodate this. I pack my products VERY well and spend a lot on bubble wrap to make sure things get there safely. However, if you encounter an issue and something gets there damaged (wing fell off, something was knocked out of place, etc), PLEASE send me a message. I will offer to fix it or I will show you how to do it yourself. Above everything, I want you to be happy with your purchase and come back again. I would hate it if something arrived broken and someone was disappointed. 

If you do need something fixed, depending on what it is, I will have you ship it back to me at your cost and send it back to you at my cost. If something is damaged a second time, you will need to pay the ship cost and for the damaged items I will be replacing. A third time (this has never happened a second time, let alone a third) I will have you make an insurance claim with the postal service.